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Intimidated by computers?

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If you answer yes to any of these questions then contact us for your free 30 minute in-home assessment.


One-On-One Computer Training and Coaching Focused On Small Business and Seniors

You are a Small Business Owner or a Senior and you have a wealth of life experiences. You are an expert in many different areas and can look back with pride on your accomplishments. You likely set high standards for yourself.

You now recognise that you are behind on computers and you need to improve your understanding and skills.  If your learning strategy is to rely on colleagues, friends or family you need to know that you could be putting yourself at a crippling disadvantage as most computer users have neither the skill set nor the patience to really help you.

You have earned the right to hire your own expert - one of our Computherapists.  Our Computherapist will identify your unique situation and your personal learning style.  With this understanding, they will develop your custom tailored plan and then schedule one-to-one training sessions to accelerate you along your own personal learning curve.  These training sessions can also be delivered remotely to fit into your busy life.

Our PCAA club provides you with a total security blanket that removes your anxieties associated with using your computer.  As a club member you can phone anytime to speak to a computherapist.

We encourage you to explore MyComputherapist and discover for yourself how we can help you.



I thank the heavens for Gianni! I have called on his superior knowledge on numerous occasions over the past five years and have received 10 out of 10 service every time.

As a one-person consulting operation I must juggle many facets of business - marketing my work, developing proposals, producing the services that earn an income, and general administration. My computer is my lifeline to each of these facets. Any downtime or glitches can have considerable impact. I simply do not have the time or capability to be my own techno-whiz.